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Clan Nation


Clan Nation is a Business / Organization that was founded in November of 2011 by Ronny Henri.

When Ronny passed away on November 24th, 2014,

Several people were determined to continue Clan Nation to honor Ronny.

Each new owner had brought something new to this historic organization,

while still carrying on Ronny’s vision of helping gaming communities worldwide.

Be sure to continue to check back as we are always introducing new stuff onto the website.

Clan Nation concentrates its focuses on Gaming Clans / Communities / Gamers / Gaming Servers / and also to Youtube Channels
that falls into the Gaming categories.

Services Clan Nation Offers:

– Advertisements –

– Reviews –

– Pro Reviews –


– Featured Friday Content –

– Assistance with connecting Communities with potential members (New Recruits) –

– Advertisement on multiple Social Networking sites –

-Staff Positions with Vacation Time, Discounts, and Freebies-

-Much More-

Here are some of the Awards that gaming clans could actually win.


Award images done by: TechieUK

Forum Award
Forum Award

Awarded when a clan or guild has a valid forum on their homepage.

Design Award
Design Award

The design award is an award that can only be granted by the clan reviewer. Its is his perception of the clan and clan website and website layout that decides if a clan receives this award.

Social Award
Social Award

The social award is mostly granted when a clan has a chat room or chat box on their website and mainly on their homepage.

Custom awardCustom Awards


The custom award is a necessity. The clan reviewer is obligated to grant that award when the clan has a custom domain.

Activity Award
Activity Award

The activity is a new award and will be granted when a clan website is highly active.

Overload Award
Overload Award

The Overload award will be granted to a clan or clan website when they have over 100 members.

Effort Award
Effort Award

The clan reviewer will grant the Effort award to a clan who put great effort in establishing a clan website that really stands out from other clan websites.

Originality Award
Originality Award

Awarded when a clan website has established a clan website that glance both originality and brilliance.

Exquisite Award

Exquisite Award

The Exquisite award is a prestige award and therefore will only be granted when a clan received a 10/10 final rating.



PRO clan review awards:

CN Pro Clan review Awards


Medal award: Awarded when a clan works with custom made medals or ribbons

CNOP: This award will be granted when a clan is officially recognized by Central Outpost

COC Excellency: Awarded when a clan has a excellent code of conduct.

PRO clan review awards made by Achilles_Wing.

NOTE: More awards will be added to our system in due time.

A special thank to Oliver Taylor aka TechieUK for designing the award images.

Site Administrators.

To check out Clan Nation and find out more that they have to offer feel free to check them out at the Link below.

Clan Nation


Cancer takes away everything you Love Dear ! Part 1 of 3 “We Don’t Have Forever. We have Right now.”

Cancer takes away 

everything you Love Dear ! 

Part 1 of 3

“We Don’t Have Forever. We have Right now.”



A saying we all should be living by.

Here is my story, Between my Father , Grandmother , Aunts & Uncle had raised me since I was a Baby. I was only able to see my Mom once and a great while . In the first 13 years of my life I had only seen my mom twice granted on her two trips to california her husband my brother , my Mom and i had went out to eat at Pizza Hut which I had enjoy but at the same time i was pretty hurt and pissed off that we couldn’t spend more time together on that visit. The next morning to my surprise her husband and her had took my brother and myself to universal studios for a family outing. I was really happy because we had a much longer visit it was for the whole day. Her husband’s business trip was at the end and they had to catch a flight back to mass. 

Something ended up happening which had landed my brother and I into a foster home for a entire year. I was angry at everyone because no one came for us until a year later when I was taken out of school and someone telling me my brother and I had to go to court. I was not sure why because i was pretty young but when we walked into the courtroom our Mom was there she said she had no idea what had happened and if she did she would of been there the day it happened. 

I did not believe her, I had acted out for many years . I was filled with so much hate towards my parents a lot of people had paid the price from my anger with teasing and treating people like crap. Including my baby brother and it was not even his fault. He looked up to me and I was not there for him. God forgive me for all the hurt I had caused you Mike. 

As I sit here almost 3 years after she passed away I am still dwelling on everything I had done / said to her.

Because 6 years prior of her getting sick and dieing I did not talk to her once not even by phone. Within that time frame I had many family members telling me that she was sick and the cancer was back. I didn’t believe any of them , I just figured she was just playing mind games trying to get me to feel bad. Until I found out she had went to the ER many times. With in a week I had decided to go and see her it was a very emotional day. We both apologized  to each other and told each other we Loved each other as we gave each other hugs and a kiss , I wish i was able to give her a tighter hug but i was afraid I would hurt her. Because she had told me that the cancer that had started in her lungs had made its way into her bones and settle in her shoulder. 

The doctor had came in and my mom had said it was ok for me to stay , He had told us that she was looking at 3 to 6 months. And that she should walk as much as she can handle to keep her strength up. She wanted to walk down the hall outside her hospital room So I took my Mom by the hand and sure lets take a walk. I never thought that would be the last walk we took. 

Because the next couple days she was to tired they sent her to Westford House Rehab I had brought my Son Aj to visit her before she had gotten any worse. Which I am happy of my decision because right after Aj and I had returned home , I had got a call that they were moving her again to a hospice in Haverhill Mass I remember saying it has not even been a full 24 hours , My wife had said that was not good and i should go back. So when she was at the Hospice House I never left her side except to go home and wash up and change and pick the wife up in the morning.  And we rushed right back. She had passed away that night. She lasted 4 days after the doctor said 3 to 6 months.  Hence the saying 

“We Don’t Have Forever. We have Right now.”

Thank you for reading.

Al B Da Blogger

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